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Huffman ISD students display their rodeo-themed art

Huffman ISD students display their rodeo-themed art

Source: Houston Chronicle

Huffman ISD held its annual Rodeo Art Show on Thursday, Jan. 17 as works of art by students from every grade was presented for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art Program. Each piece had a ribbon attached to the corner in recognition of accomplishment.

“I’m impressed by what our students are able to accomplish and amazed by their creativity and talent,” said Huffman Elementary School art teacher Marissa Allen.

Horses and cows were a prominent theme, but there were many beautiful landscapes and portraits as well.

Allen said many of the students had been working on their pieces of art for months.

“It’s a competition, so they’re excited. They want to win,” said Drea Avelar, an art teacher at Huffman Middle School. “They take pride in their work.”

The competition element could be seen by the different colored ribbons attached to the works of art.

“It’s tradition; that’s what they’ve done for years and years and years,” Allen said about displaying the rodeo art by Huffman ISD students. “The community looks forward to it.”

Both Allen and Avelar mentioned how great it was to see so many members of the community coming out to look at and admire the art and to support the students.

Crosby ISD also had several students recognized by the HLSR School Art Program.



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